Galaxy Auto is proud to offer a one year manufacturer’s warranty against defects for new products and a 90-day warranty for used products. Unless otherwise stated during the time of purchase, this will apply to all products sold either in-store or online. A valid proof of purchase or invoice must be provided with the customer’s name before a warranty claim can be initiated.

This warranty policy only covers items which are deemed to be defective and does not cover damage caused to the product due to misuse, or any damage caused outside of regular wear-and-tear. In order to deem an item as defective, it may be necessary to have the item brought in to be inspected at a Galaxy Auto designated facility or shop. If there is no designated facility nearby, the item may have to be shipped back to the seller or manufacturer for inspection. In cases where it is deemed that there is a defect with the product, efforts will be put forth into repairing the item, and only replacing if a repair is not possible.

Galaxy Auto’s warranty policy only covers repairs or a replacement on the product purchased itself and not any other associated costs, such as installation, shipping or travel expenses, or any damage caused to property as a result of the product.

In the case that the product purchased is no longer available or discontinued by the manufacturer, a similar product will be provided as compensation. Similar refers to any item which is intended for the same purpose and has the majority of the key features. In the case that no similar product is available, a partial refund between 20% to 100% of the product cost will be granted based on the severity of the issue and length of time the product has been used for. Galaxy Auto reserves the right to determine the exact partial refund amount on a case-by-case basis.